What Is IXCoin?

IXcoin is an open source digital currency, based on the cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, which is distributed over a peer-to-peer network to offer irreversible, low-cost, anonymous and decentralized monetary transactions. IXcoin is a Bitcoin clone or alternative chain, created in May 2011 just a few weeks after the distributed DNS Namecoin.IXcoins are the unit of currency of the IXcoin system.  Similar to Bitcoin’s BTC, a commonly used shorthand for this is “IXC” to refer to a price or amount (eg: “100 IXC”).

Established in 2011 IXcoin was the first Bitcoin Alternative – the very first Bitcoin clone.  IXcoin is Bitcoin minus all the issues, available to anyone who is looking for an ideal Bitcoin Alernative. Unlike Bitcoin, IXcoin can perform changes and updates immediately when they are needed – and not debate and war over issues and ideas for years.  Innovative New Technology can be added when it’s asked for, and whatever would stop IXcoin from expanding can be removed – IXcoin has one purpose only, and that is to innovate as much and as quickly as possible, adding a real, trustable and time tested Bitcoin Alternative to the market.

About IXCoin:

Ixcoin is a fork of Bitcoin with twice the inflation rate of Bitcoin but with the same 21 million total limit. Ixcoin is intended to closely mirror code updates from Bitcoin to allow for easy interoperability with Bitcoin-related third party services and APIs.

IXCoin silver logo
Gold IXCoin logo

What's The Difference?

IxCoin is a Clone but not limited to being one. Although IxCoin is the first Bitcoin Clone it is not limited to being only that. IxCoin can, unlike Bitcoin update and innovate without Years of Debunking.

Shorter maturity period:

All 21Million Ixcoin`s that will ever exist have already been mined, therefore, Ixcoin is fully matured.

New blockchain:

Although Bitcoin’s blockchain is in the same format as Ixcoin’s, they use different genesis blocks and have a different reward scheme. So Bitcoins will not be valid in the Ixcoin blockchain and vice-versa.

Different default ports:

Bitcoin’s operating port 8333 is changed to 8337 with Ixcoin.
Bitcoin’s RPC server port 8332 is defaulted to 8338 in Ixcoin.

Merged Mining (Sustainable Blockchain):

Ixcoin switched to merge mining with Bitcoin in 2012. Merge mining allows a Bitcoin miner to mine for more than one block chain at the same time. The benefit is that every hash the miner does contributes to the total hash rate of both (all) currencies, and as a result they are all more secure.

Wallet public keys now start with the letter x instead of the number 1 does Bitcoins:

Bitcoin wallet key: 175tWpb8K1S7NmH4Zx6rewF9WQrcZv245W

Ixcoin wallet key: x75tWpb8K1S7NmH4Zx6rewF9WQrcZv245W

Zero Inflation:

All 21 million coins that will ever exist have already been generated (April 2011 – October 2014). Therefore there is Zero Inflation risk with IXcoin.

Why Use IXCoin?

Simply put, IXcoin was the first bitcoin clone ever. This is a fact that cannot stay ignored. Being the first Bitcoin Clone makes IXcoin the second oldest and most tested Bitcoin Alternative on the market. Most of the world thinks Litecoin was the second coin, when in fact Litecoin was not even close to being the second one and is very different to Bitcoin. IXcoin aims to become in the near future what it was originaly intended to be, a trustable and innovative alternative to Bitcoin.